Go Customer Obsessed or go home

A customer experience key is: “Ask questions every day in order to gain understanding so you can practice empathy”. Once we’ve learned something about our customers we’re armed and ready to take action and do something amazing to improve the customer experience. 

You probably pay a premium for more convenient products and services without thinking twice. But have you ever done business with a company that made your life more complicated? Probably not. (And if so, why?)

Entire industries have been disrupted by companies who offer the exact same thing in a more convenient form.

Be the change you want to see.

Listen and learn more about Customer Obession at Customer Loyalty Conference the 27th of September. Here is a sneak-peak of our Key Note speaker Joakim Thörn. As one of Sweden's foremost specialists in Customer Experience, sought after speaker and c-level advisor we can promise an exciting and insightful session with a super-hot topic!