Here you will find information, tips and advice in Customer Obsession topics in the form of White Papers from partners and interviews with some of the speakers at the conference. 

How AI brings your CRM to the next level

Four reasons to why AI will revolutionize CRM - and the largest challenges.

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How can Bisnode help you?

Check how Bisnode helped NetOnNet and Live it to exceed their conversion. 

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How to create meaningful Customer Experiences

Nominated as the Marketingbook of Year 2017. Arvid Axland share his knowledge and gives you an experience through his presentation and book. 

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Read my lips - rhetoric and the power of persuasion

Get a glimpse of Elaine Eksvärd's inspiring talk and how you can access her thoughts on how to effectively increase the motivation of your listeners.

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Talk the Walk - how to succeed with digital communication

Read more about Karin Zingmark's interesting book.

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Go Customer Obsessed or go home

Read more about the inspirational speaker Joakim Thörn and get a sneak-peak of his presentation

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When Amazon Arrives - threats and possibilities

Read more about Emma Hernell's predictions about Amazons arrival. 

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Growing Customer Loyalty in the Age of Disruption

Conclusions from a study on the Swedish P&C Insurance Industry.

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Turning Customer Intelligence into business value

The importance of a well functioning and balance Customer Intelligence process.

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Why a silo culture fails to deliver superior customer service

Silo culture is preventing companies in the Consumer Goods industry from delivering superior customer service.

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